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4305 Pitts Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
513-541-5122 513-541-3939 (fax)

Sports @ St. Boniface


Many thanks to our wonderful coaches who volunteer their time for our students!

St. Boniface School offers:
BOYS                            GIRLS
Football Grades 5-8      Volleyball Grades 3-8
Basketball Grades 3-8     Basketball Grades 3-8

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St. Boniface Girls Basketball Team
Friars Club Girls Fall League
2nd Place Champions 2018

Tae Kwon Do
Awards Ceremony
Thursday, May 25th 1:00 PM

Student of the Year                       Most Improved
K Maddie Nintrup                         Geiono Baker
                                                     Angel Uwineza

      1 Jessica Mutako                         Latavian Chapman
                                                     Jy’reese Usher

2 Mario Barksdale                        Auriece Davis
      Lebron Jonah                                                     

3 Yiri Diaz-Mercedes                     Amya Carroll

      4 Zalman Myrick                           Raelynn Chesher
Agatha Horstman                                          

5 Joshua Louis                             Maggie Jones

   6 Arielle Barnes                            Sylvia Horstman
 Nia Buchannon                                              

7 Rebecca Browning                                        

  8 Nicholis Mays                                 Joy Hudson

Additionally, the following students are eligible to prepare for their
Black Belt test in the Fall:

Current Grade 7:
Tyler Hervey, Diana Jones, Jamiah Mack

Current Grade 5:
Mawo Idris, Maggie Jones

Testing is tentatively scheduled for September. Good Luck!

Girls On The Run 
Makes the NEWS!  
Read the article here

Grade: 3-5
Team Name: St. Boniface/St. Francis Seraph RED
Head Coach: Karen Meyer

Na’Kyiahi StFS
Amya Carroll Grade 4
Reginelli StFS
Mileydi StFS
Re’Shiair StFS
Melissa Howard Grade5
Anastasia StFS
Ariana StFS
Jayla StFS
Laniece Peppers Grade 5
Demitrice StFS
Dasani Williams Grade 5

Grade: 6-8
Team Name: St. Boniface BLACK
Head Coach: Karen Meyer

Jarissa Adams Grade 6
Farion Gray Grade 8
Layla Hammond Grade 6
Tra’mya Morales Grade 6
Maciah Powell Grade 6
Kayla Sipe Grade 6
Karely Sipe Grade 6
Markale Stubblefield Grade 6
YaMaya Lee Grade 7
Jayla Thompson Grade 7
D’Asia Yarbrough Grade 8

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Want to see your team picture here? Simply email our webmaster your pictures or stories about your team or game. 

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